Sign the Petition: Fast Food Workers Need Fair Scheduling, Right to Form Their Own Organization


New York City fast food workers, are asking the New York City Council to pass new bills that will protect workers from last minute scheduling practices that make it difficult for them to plan their lives and would allow them to make voluntary automatic contributions to a non-profit organization of their choice that would fight to protect their rights, safeguard compliance with minimum wage increases, and improve their communities. Sign the petition to stand with fast food workers and tell the New York City Council to pass these important bills.*

Yes, I support the Fair Work Week and Fast Food Empowerment Acts!

Dear City Council,

Hard-working employees who keep thousands of fast food restaurants across New York City running smoothly and profitably are fighting for respect so they can live in dignity. They need jobs that enable them to support their families and lift up their communities. They need fair scheduling practices so they can plan for childcare, healthcare, furthering our education or getting other work to supplement their income. They need the right to unite themselves in an organization that defends their rights on the job and in their communities, and makes it possible to band together to improve their lives. We call on the City Council to pass the Fast Food Empowerment Act and the Fair Work Week bills !



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